Councillors hold more talks over flood risk to Moray village

Kingston – constant flood threat.

A village community constantly under the threat of flooding is hoping that Moray Councillors will today pay heed to their calls for action.

The protective shingle bank along the seafront at Kingston has been the subject of almost constant debate in recent years with locals insisting that the ravages of the last two winters has brought about dramatic erosion.

However, Councillors have so far insisted that no action is required, insisting that past studies have indicated that no action is required on the natural shingle protection.

Moray Council had appeared to be set to agree the creation of a new seawall consisting of reinforced rock inland from the shingle – but in June last year councillors rejected that proposal which they said would cost around £1.6million.

Today the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee will again discuss the issue, debating a request tabled by 100 villagers to build the protective wall that they insist would cost far less than the £1.6million estimated previously.

Local resident James Stewart said that something needs to be done to save homes from being overwhelmed. He added: “We believe that the work can be done for a fraction of the estimate given last year.

“Over the last three months we have made a big effort to put forward detailed representations to the councillors to inform them about what is going on. I hope that enough of them will be persuaded to act.”

Support for the residents has come from Moray’s MP and MSP. Angus Robertson MP said: “Kingston has waited a long time for tangible progress to deal with flooding risks – it is good that Moray Council is debating a detailed study.

“Hopefully this can lead to the progress that everybody in Kingston is hoping for.”

Richard Lochhead MSP added: “Every time there is extreme weather there is a cloud of worry cast over the local community.

“While there is never a simple and easy solution to flood risk, it is important that the Moray Council takes this another step forward and improves the coastal defences for Kingston.”

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