Pain-easing hydrotherapy pool to reopen this week

Moray Hydrotherapy Pool – to reopen.

There was relief for management at Moray’s only hydrotherapy pool when Moray Council officials confirmed that it could reopen this week.

The Moray Hydrotherapy Pool in Forres was closed down for an indefinite length of time last week after routine sampling of the water quality revealed a high bacterial count.

A further test was ordered last Tuesday with Moray Council environmental health staff ordering immediate closure of the facility, which is particularly appreciated by arthritis sufferers.

In a statement today Moray Council revealed that the pool can reopen on Wednesday. The statement read: “A follow-up water sample test has proved negative and the all-clear has been given for the pool to reopen.

“However, it will take some time to get the water back up to the correct temperature and reopening has been set for Wednesday.

“The discovery of a high bacterial count was made by Moray Council environmental health staff during routine water sampling and the decision was taken to close the pool as a precaution.

“A follow-up sample, taken on Tuesday last week, has since been analysed by a laboratory in Aberdeen and found to be clear.”

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