Aberlour claims its place as a Fairtrade community

A Moray village has been succeeded in its bid to attain ‘Fairtrade’status – ensuring that more goods will be sold that offers a fair price for producers.

Residents in Aberlour have spent the last year trying to ensure recognition as a Fairtrade Town, with a variety of fundraising activities staged and local shops ensuring that more goods from Fairtrade countries were being offered for sale.

Maureen Anderson has been a leading campaigner for the town to receive the award. ¬†She said: “Achieving this status will hopefully make more people aware of the issues involved.

“Accredited Fairtrde goods are well made and often no more expensive – most importantly they ensure that people in the poorest countries receive a fair price for what they produce and are not exploited.”

Support for the bid came from local businesses, churches and the Aberlour Community Association.  School children and members of the Scout movement recently held a Bar-b-q while special receipes were created by pupils at Speyside High School based entirely on Fairtrade goods.

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