Modern day thieves hit Burghead well dating back to middle ages

St Aethan’s Well

Caretakers of a historic Moray site have been left stunned after heartless thieves ripped a drinking cup from the site just months after it had been reopened to the public.

Spring water at St Aethan’s Well on the outskirts of Burghead is said to possess healing powers with water coming from a spring from high on the hills over the village.

The well is named after St Aethan – or St Aidan – who was a follower of St Columba in Iona during the 7th Century. He brought Christianity to the northern Picts and is the patron saint of Burghead.

In February the well was reopened to the public and as a result proven to be a popular attraction for both local people and visitors to the area, who would use the drinking cup, attached to a chain at the well, to draw water.

However, the cup was ripped from its chain leaving a community leader hit out at whoever was responsible. Hilary Gloyer, treasurer of the Headland Trust, said: “So many people have appreciated the restoration of St Aethan’s Well and are glad to have it back.

“It is unimaginable why someone could do this – I think they are low lifes to do it.”

The well was recently rediscovered after it had ceased to be used in 1962 when the owner of the field on which it stands covered it over to prevent cattle from falling in.

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