Praise for Moray Council as 1500 set to benefit from care changes

Radical changes to social care will come into force this month that is expected to benefit around 1500 people in Moray.

The Scottish Government’s Self-Directed Support Act will place a duty on local authorities throughout Scotland to offer those who required social care an option to design their own care package.

As a result those requiring such care could receive a direct payment that they can subsequently use to employ their own support workers. The option will also exist for them to choose how Moray Council holds such funds while the individual takes their own decisions on how it is spent.

Currently only around 10% of those affected have been offered the opportunity to self-direct their support.

Moray’s MSP Richard Lochhead has this week commended the work undertaken by the co-design team at Moray Council who have been working towards Self-Directed support. Part of that has been a determination by the local authority to make the new system inviting and easy to understand, so they produced the idea of ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix – helping you pick ‘n’ mix the care and support services to live the life you choose’.

A short video and animation was produced and has been commended for its simplicity in explaining the process for people who will be accessing SDS (see below).

Mr Lochhead said: “The Self-directed Support Act is about giving people control of their own care plans and recognising that no two people have exactly the same needs. This change will give people in Moray the ability to choose the care that works for them.

“It should also be recognised that not everyone will feel the need to take this opportunity of designing their own care, and people can still depend on Moray Council to undertake this assessment and provision.

“This legislation is a very welcome step forward for care users in communities across Moray. Officers involved in the provision of care services in Moray have been heavily involved in implementing these changes and I particularly commend their work in helping to make the process understandable – notably through the ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ idea, which has had national recognition.”

“This is a big change for people requiring support but one that gives people more control over how they can live their lives.”

Self Directed Support – Pick ‘n’ Mix Video.

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