Lossie community are in a B.A.D. mood over housing plans

Campaigners in Lossiemouth are calling a halt to Moray Council proposals that they say would see two quiet cul-de-sacs “destroyed”.

The group ‘Stop the B.A.D. Access’ has been formed to fend off plans revealed in the Moray Development Plan that would open up residential cul-de-sacs Halliman Way and Fisher Place as access routes for a new estate of over 250 homes.

The streets would be used to link the new scheme with the busy Boyd Anderson Drive which campaigners say is already a busy bus through road, is often congested and can be a bottleneck for access to Coulardbank Road.

Moray Council has already issued notification to selected properties in the area which would be affected by the development proposals by local firm Tulloch of Cummingston Ltd.

Leading the campaign group is Gillian Priestly, who has already written to all four Heldon & Laich councillors and members of the Lossiemouth Community Council.

Ms Priestley said: “Boyd Anderson Drive is a busy bus route, often congested and the Moray Council is wrong to destroy quiet cul-de-sacs when it is unnecessary.”

Adding that a petition has been raised and will be forwarded to Moray Council via the Lossiemouth Community Council. She said: “Response to the petition is almost universally favourable.”

The group is also being supported by a former Moray District Councillor, Robert Murdoch, who said: “This site has long standing adequate access in previous local plans.

“It is particularly bad that the people who purchased their house site from the previous council should now have the whole character of the area changed – the site can be developed without such an intrusive breach of trust.”

The campaign group is expecting to state their case and seek support at the Lossiemouth Community Council next week.

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