Motorists continue to flout the law – but road injuries fall

Dougls Ross – inaccurate information.

Motorists in Moray continue to drive too fast with the number of people caught speeding in the region increasing by 17.4% in the year since Police Scotland replaced regional forces.

The number of drivers caught using mobile phones at the wheel of their vehicles also increased by over half – while those refusing to fasten seatbelts rose by a massive 73.5%.

Incidents of serious assault in the region fell by over a quarter and the number of people injured as a result of road accidents also fell by a similar number – however, housebreaking saw an increase of 18.8% while thefts from vehicles also rose by 32.1%.

“Overall it has been a very positive first year in Moray for Police Scotland,” head of policing in the region, Chief Superintendent Mark McLaren said, adding: “We are committed to keeping people safe and continuing to build on this year’s performance.

“However, I also recognise there are areas we need to work on, in particular we will continue to target crimes involving dishonesty.”

Councillor Douglas Ross, chair of the Moray Council Police and Fire Committee, gave a broad welcome to the new figures but also noted areas that need attention.

He said: “Thefts from motor vehicles is showing a worrying increase and we will have to monitor the situation in future.”

Mr Ross was not happy, however, that a clerical error had led to his committee being provided with inaccurate information from Police Scotland. He said: “Earlier this week the local area commander had to apologise for supplying inaccurate information with regard to emergency response times.

“Scrutiny committees such as the one we have in Moray have an important role to play but we can only do that if we get accurate information from Police Scotland.”

Councillor Ross said the committee await actual figures while Police Scotland have apologised for their error.

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