Beer storm over alcohol content sees apology from Keith craft brewery

Brewmeister founders Lewis Shand and John McKenzie

One of Moray’s new generation of craft beer producers is facing a storm of criticism after having to admit that some batches of the beer claimed to be the ‘strongest in the world’ did not contain sufficient alcohol.

Keith-based Brewmeister attracted world-wide attention when it released its ‘Armageddon’ beer – with a reported 65% alcohol by volume (ABV) content said to be the strongest on the planet.

However, the company has now admitted that a mistake in their production process led to a batch of the beer being released to the market containing just 15.2% ABV.

The Brewery was founded by Lewis Shand in 2012 and alongside other craft brewers in Moray quickly established a reputation in the market for high-quality and unique product.

Apologising for the error that has caused a storm amongst craft ale enthusiasts, Mr Shand said: “It was brought to our attention that some of the Armageddon was not at the advertised alcohol strength.

“It was back at the time we were a much smaller operation and, dare I say it, less professional.”

The brewery now faces refund claims from customers who are reported to have paid up to £50 for a bottle of Armageddon, but the company has pledged to replace beer from the faulty batch with its new beer.

Mr Shand said: “It will cost us but it is a small price to pay to be open and honest and keep customer loyalty.”

Last year the Armageddon brand was replaced by a new beer, Snake Venom, which has a 67.5% ABV. The firm say the beer is made in a “completely different way” so as to ensure it does contain the alcohol stated on the label.

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