Call is issued for all Keith’s from Keith to step forward

TMSA – The search is on for Keith’s fae Keith.

A hunt has been launched to bring together as many Keith’s from Keith as possible as part of the traditional music festival in the Moray town this weekend.

The call has been made by Keith Morrison, the locally born pipe major of the Strathisla Pipe Band – and current holder of Keith’s citizen of the year title.

Keith is asking anyone proudly bearing the name Keith who has connections with the town to turn out for a special souvenir photograph being taken at the traditional music festival in Reidhaven Square on Sunday at 1.30pm.

If successful it is aimed to bring all the Keith’s together again for another special celebratory event in the town later in the summer.

Local councillor and leader of the Keith and Strathisla Regeneration Partnership’s marketing group, Gary Coull, explained: “We’re starting off by inviting local people called Keith to Keith -then we hope to build on this by bringing more Keith’s to Keith – including those with no connections to the area.

“We know there are lots of people called Keith out there – including some famous ones, like Keith Lemon, Keith Allen, Keith Chegwin and Keith Harris. With a bit of publicity, who knows how many Keith’s might come to Keith Show!

“It’s all part of our drive to put Keith on the map and help raise the profile of the area as a place to live, visit, work and for investment.”

People with Keith as their first name or surname living in any part of the world will be invited to an even larger photocall that would take place during the Keith Country Show in August.

Details on other TMSA events in the town this weekend are listed on the Festival Website.


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