Heather’s golden box marks northern limit for 3000-mile challenge

Moray’s golden post box marked the most northerly point in an audacious charity stunt that will cover 3000 miles and the home towns of every 2012 Olympic Gold winner.

The effort being put into raising funds for three charities – Paralympics GB, Tree of Hope and Sport Relief – is in itself almost a match for the efforts the original 111 gold medal winners put in to achieving their ultimate goal.

Lucas Meagor from Kingston upon Hull hatched up the idea to cycle around the country to pose at each of the gold post boxes created by Royal Mail during the 2012 games in London.

He managed to rope in friend Chris Britton from Bristol, with the pair commencing their mammoth trip in Penzance – at the post box tribute to Helen Glover, rowing partner of Lossiemouth’s Heather Stanning who together won the UK’s first Gold Medal at the games.

This morning the pair reach Lossiemouth and the 72nd box of their superb effort, before pressing on to Aberdeen.

Lossiemouth held a particular draw for Lucas not only because it was the home of Heather Stanning – part of the reason for taking on the task was being inspired by the exploits of the UK’s paralympians including Lossiemouth’s Jim Gault who won Bronze at the recent Sochi winter games.

Lucas said: “I wanted to support Paralympics GB after having my eyes opened at London 2012’s Paralympic Games and seeing the pride in the success of the country‚Äôs paralympians.

“I recently attended a sports fest where the legacy lives on in engaging with those with disabilities in the range of sports under their programme – and even had the opportunity to meet four time gold medallist, Dame Sarah Storey, along with Sochi 2014 Winter Paralympic Gold medallist, Kelly Gallagher.”

Further information on the fundraising efforts and progress of the 3000-mile gold post box challenge can be found online at http://www.lucaskeepsrunning.co.uk/

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