Kids flashing shoes get a dressing down from local cinema

Flashing shoes cause a stir at Moray Playhouse.

Flashing lights from kids trainers have sparked a row at Moray’s cinema when the management used social media to appeal for parents to switch them off.

The popular trainers became a major talking point on the Moray Playhouse Facebook page last night when the cinema’s management posted a request that parents refrain from allowing their youngsters to wear the shoes during shows at the Elgin venue.

“As you know we try to do the best we can to please our customers. Recently we have had a few complaints about children’s shoes that light up,” the message on the page said.

It continued: “Understandably, in a dark environment this can be a distraction. Therefore we ask that customers refrain from bringing light up shoes or simply turn them off (if possible).”

The request caused a flurry of comments from parents who questioned the seriousness of the complaint – Jeanette Henderson posting “Is this an early April Fools joke? Good grief we will have a dress code next – shirt and tie.

“To be telling folk what shoes to wear is crazy – shoes are on feet, feet are on the floor and the screen is high up on the wall. If folk get distracted by feet then the film cannot be that good.”

Jayne Bell added: “Don’t blame the shoes, blame the parents” while Charlie Johnstone added: “Get a life! Ruling over what children are and are not allowed to wear – disgraceful.” Another post from Amanda Reynolds said: “God sake, cinema’s telling us what to wear – it’s only light up shoes.”

Defending it’s original post, the under-fire page administrator said: “As with so many other things in the past, customers have asked as to act or try and fix something.

“We will not take shoes off anyone and we will not refuse entry because of them, but if someone is running about in them then we will ask them to stop.

“From our own experience you will not see the flashes if you are sitting next to the trainers but if you are at a distance you will out of the corner of your eye, which can be distracting or so we have been told, for us to ignore the situation would be for us to ignore a percentage of our customers wishes.”

There was some sympathy for the Moray Playhouse position, Ross Thomson pointing out: “You guys are not really seeing this from a business view.

“When customers complain you have to do something no matter how silly it is, if not then customers aren’t happy and unhappy customers don’t spend money. If they don’t spend money then Inverness will be your nearest cinema. So lay off a bit.”

That did now wash with another parent however, Joanna Cunningham asking: “Complaining about kids trainers? Honestly?

“Kids feet will be towards the ground where others can’t see them. Some people will just find anything to complain about – my kid always wears light up shoes and I won’t stop my kid wearing them just because someone else doesn’t like them.”

The Cinema management made it clear that they would not stop kids at the door if they were wearing the shoes.


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