Kinloss escapes the worst with only one soldier made redundant

Kinloss Barracks have been spared the worst with just one voluntary redundancy at the 39 Engineer Regiment base in the final round of government military cuts.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed on Thursday that its final round of cuts over all three services would see 1000 posts axed throughout the country.

Kinloss saw 79 personnel losing their jobs last summer – but the barracks confirmed that just one further redundancy has been made in the final phase.

Announcing the cuts defence secretary Philip Hammond said: “The announcement of the final tranche of the redundancy scheme we introduced to re-balance our armed forces and to address the black hole in the defence budget in 2010 allows greater certainty for armed forces personnel going forward.

“It is with great regret that we had to make redundancies to reduce the size of our armed forces but unfortunately they are unavoidable.”

The latest redundancy takes the total from Kinloss Barracks to 160 since 39 Engineer Regiment arrived on the base vacated by the RAF. RAF Lossiemouth is understood to have seen 90 posts go under the cuts.

UK ministers promised that Kinloss would see an influx of around 1200 soldiers when it announced the Army would take over the base in 2011 – however, it is believed that the real total is currently around half that number.

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