Lossiemouth beach users call for formal curb on Jet Skis

An appeal has been made to halt “irresponsible” jet ski users endangering other beach users and wildlife in Lossiemouth.

Several complaints have been sent to police and local community leaders following an incident on the town’s east beach and the mouth of the River Lossie during the recent hot spell.

Complaints have been made of one jet skier going up the river and beyond the Seatown Bridge, causing alarm for a group of young people who were jumping into the river from the bridge at the time.

Visitor Eric Simpson from Inverurie was moved to write a letter of complaint to the Lossiemouth Community Council and media outlets after witnessing an incident last week.

He said: “Sunday 1st June was a lovely warm day which brought hundreds onto the beach and banks of the river near the East Beach bridge.  Around 3pm a solitary jet ski appeared off the beach travelling at speed. At this time there were surfers and a few bathers in the water.

“With complete disregard the jet ski continued about 50m parallel to the beach twisting and turning. At this time I was swimming in my black wetsuit and due to the reckless manner of the jet ski I came out the water followed by the surfers.

“What happened next was beyond belief. The jet ski entered the river and at speed travelled under the bridge – passing many children in the river including five young boys jumping from the bridge.

“It continued for about 400m up river scattering all of the birds on the river. This was repeated on four separate occasions.”

Mr Simpson said that he understands that there are a number of jet skis operating out of Lossiemouth harbour – and has called for “robust” regulations to be introduced to protect other beach users.

When similar complaints were made last summer a meeting between local community councillors and jet ski users resulted in an assurance that greater care would be taken by users who also undertook not to take their vehicles beyond the bridge.

Now Mr Simpson has called for bye-laws to be introduced that would not allow any jet ski to operate within 100m of a swimmer, surfer or vessel along the east beach. In addition he is calling for jet skis to be banned completely from the river or alternatively restricted to a speed of 5knots in that area.

He has also called for a mandatory ban on jet skis being within 100m of the bridge with no access to the east of the bridge.

A spokesman for the Lossiemouth Community Council said: “We are aware of recent complaints about the operation of jet skis on the river and along the east beach. This will be discussed at our next meeting.”

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