Bolt cutters used in ‘planned’ raid on caravan park

Silver Sands Caravan Park

Bolt cutters were used to snap through a heavy lock and gain entry into a secure yard at a Moray holiday park where thieves stole several high-value items.

Police say that the total value of goods stolen was in a “high four-figure sum” when the Silver Sands holiday park near Lossiemouth was raided last weekend.

A motorcycle and a quad bike were amongst the items removed from the site as well as electrical tools and agricultural equipment.

A spokesman for the park said that the thieves must have know what they were looking after when they broke into a yard in the park some time between 5.30pm on Saturday and 8.30am the following day.

He added: “They targeted only a few specific items and left many others – that suggests that the person or people responsible had been on the site before and had seen what was available.”

As a result of the break-in CCTV cameras have now been installed but the spokesman admitted that was a classic case of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted.

He added: “We are determined that this is not going to happen again – we have our suspicions about who is responsible for the break-in and are now helping police to investigate the matter.”

Police say that anyone with information should contact them on 101.

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