Lossiemouth fighter jet shows off its new paint job

A RAF Typhoon flew over its new Moray home this week sporting special markings that commemorates 6 Squadron activities in North Africa.

The aircraft was dressed in its new livery ahead of representing the squadron at the prestigious Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) in Gloucestershire this weekend.

Shown off in a spectacular picture taken as the Typhoon flew over Lossiemouth harbour, the markings hark back to 6 Squadron’s success rate in destroying German tanks during the second world war – earning them their ‘Flying Can Openers’ nickname.

A spokesman for RAF Lossiemouth explained: “The squadron recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and part of that involved applying desert camouflage markings to this particular aircraft in order to pay homage to one of the squadron’s finest hours.”

6 Squadron was the first fighter unit to be based in Scotland and provides part of the UK’s Quick Reaction Alert force, ready to intercept unidentified aircraft entering UK airspace around the clock.

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