Moray pair can’t wait to lend their support to the Commonwealth

Lynsey and Nick Robinson

A married couple serving at RAF Lossiemouth will be joining the national force of volunteers making sure that all goes smoothly at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The pair are amongst a host of serving personnel from clerks to caterers and aircrew to air traffic controllers who will be providing support for the games when they begin this week.

Additional military personnel were widely regarded as having ‘saved the day’ when on the eve of the London Olympics in 2012 it was discovered that numbers of professional security recruits were far below what was both required and expected.

As a result the government called on military help to provide people with the training and experience required to undertake the wide variety of support roles essential to the running of such a massive international undertaking.

While the Commonwealth Games may not require as many feet on the ground as the Olympics, those with military training remain a vital part of the organisational structure – and among them in Glasgow will be Moray husband and wife team Sergeant Nick Robinson and his wife Lynsey.

Lynsey, who works as a Personnel Clerk at the base, said: “It’s daunting to be involved in such a massive event and security isn’t something I’ve ever been involved with before.

“It’s a great challenge though and I’m looking forward to it.”

Nick, a supplier with 51 Squadron RAF Regiment, is no stranger to Glasgow, saying: “To be involved in the Commonwealth Games in my home city is really something special.”

An estimated 1million tickets will be sold for 250 medal events at the games, which will be broadcast to millions of television viewers throughout the Commonwealth – which still accounts for almost one third of the world’s population.

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