Wartime trench sparks investigation at an Elgin school

An old aerial photograph taken over Elgin has sparked a geophysical investigation at a primary school.

The ground investigations are to be carried out at West End primary when evidence was noted on a second world war image that a wartime trench existed on the site.

Investigations will centre on the playing field at the school after the photograph was discovered by staff at the local authority’s environmental health section when they were researching another site in the area.

The image shows a military defensive trench with a number of military vehicles parked around it.

While it is thought to be unlikely that live ammunition training took place at the site it remains possible that caches of weapons remain buried there.

“It is only thanks to the emergence of the photograph that we became aware of this trench and the plan is to undertake a comprehensive geophysical survey of the site,” a Moray Council spokesman said.

He added: “Any anomalies that the survey throws up will be excavated at the time and dealt with.

“The work will begin on Monday, August 4 and should take only two or three days so it will be completed before the school reopens after the holidays.”

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