Whisky giant sends clear signal that it is ready to promote Speyside

The Chairman of a leading Speyside Whisky firm has pledged to work with community leaders in any plan that will increase the economic strength of the region.

In a letter this week to Moray’s MP, Chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers, Laurent Lacassagne, gave the most positive signal yet that his firm is determined to invest further in the long term future of the region.

Mr Lacassagne met with Angus Robertson MP last month for discussions on tourism opportunities in Speyside and the vital role being played by the whisky sector in the region.

Now the whisky giant’s leader has written to the MP saying he is “happy to commit Chivas Brothers to work constructively with local leaders to help deliver a strategic plan that will increase the economic strength of the Speyside area”.

Mr Robertson said: “Many people around Moray will be well aware of the significant investment in production and warehousing at distilleries right across Moray, including the building of new distilleries such as Chivas’ work on the site of the former Imperial Distillery at Carron.

“Beyond the significant direct employment and supply chain benefits of these investments there is an ongoing and increasing whisky tourism sector and this is an area where I believe there are huge benefits to be had both for Moray’s local economy and for the whisky companies.

“When you look at how wine regions such as Champagne and Burgandy are marketed to the world you can imagine how significant a similar strategy could be in Speyside as the heart of Scotland’s Malt Whisky production.

“I am keen to encourage the whisky companies to work closely together for mutual benefit and for the economic benefit for Moray.

“This is a very positive response from Chivas and I am grateful to Mr Lacassagne for his personal support for tourism development in Speyside.”

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