Council move to reinstate a ‘lost’ community council

Moray Council

Moray Council has launched an attempt to re-form a community council that was scrapped when it fell short of the required numbers by just one person.

For the first time in the region several local communities held elections to form new community councils last year – but in the Dyke Landward area no community council was formed when the minimum number of nominations fell short by one.

Now the local authority is to host two drop-in session in the hope that a sufficient number of community members will step forward and allow a council to be formed.

A minimum of 20 signatures from eligible residents will be required to allow a formal request to be made to Moray Council for an election to be held.

The two drop-in sessions will take place at the Dyke Village Hall from 3pm to 4.30pm and again from 6.30pm to 8pm on Wednesday, August 27.

Prior to last year only one election had ever been held for community councils in Moray – however, following a concerted campaign five communities were asked to elect community councils in October, 2013.

Further information is available at, by calling 01343 563910 or by e-mailing

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