Dedication service one year after Elgin woman died in Shetland crash

Aubrey Jamieson led dedication service

Tributes have been paid to an island community by survivors of the Puma helicopter crash that took the life of four oil workers including a Moray woman.

Elgin woman Sarah Darnley, 45, was one of four victims when a Super Puma crashed into the sea as it approached Shetland on August 23 last year.

Now survivors of the crash were amongst those marking its first anniversary at a dedication service held at Sumburgh Airport on Sunday.

Representatives of the emergency services and the Shetland Islands Council attended alongside several of the 14 survivors of the accident.

In a short statement issued on behalf of the survivors, tribute was made to the island community. The statement read: “We are hear to pay our respects to those who lost their lives that night.

“We are grateful to have the chance to meet and thank the brave crew members who helped us.

“The whole Shetland community rallied around us in a time of need and we would like to express our deep gratitude to so many people – coastguard, RNLI, hospital staff, police, workers at Sumburgh Airport, Red Cross – for everything.”

Sunday’s dedication service was led by Aubrey Jamieson, the Fishermen’s Mission superintendent, who laid a new plaque dedicated to the victims. Mr Jamieson said it was right to pause and honour those who had lost their lives.

Following the service an RNLI crew laid two wreaths on the site of the crash.

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