Funding for two-year-old Moray child care places expected to be ratified

Childcare: funding to be put in place for two-year-olds.

Additional funding to allow places for two year old children to attend pre-school education in Moray is expected to be ratified by Councillors this week.

The Scottish Government earlier this year revealed plans to extend the number of hours available for children to attend pre-school groups, while at the same time extending the service to two-year-olds.

However, earlier uncertainty over the manner in which the funding would be made available to local authorities led to Moray Council giving providers the same rate of funding for two-year-olds as was already in place for three and four year olds.

Providers were quick to point out that their costs in providing pre-school education for two-year-olds were greater and so they would lose money in providing such education would be “financially unviable”.

At Tuesday’s policy and resources committee it is now expected that councillors will, however, agree a new funding model put in place by the Chief Executive following consultation with the Leader of the Council, Allan Wright, and the Convener, Stewart Cree.

A report by the Council’s Strategy Manager, Anne Pendery, says: “The government has now confirmed the funding allocation to Moray.

“Based on the government estimated calculations of children expected to access the provision, the proposed increase in funding to partner providers for two year olds, in line with the staffing ratios required by regulatory bodies, can be contained within the funding allocations available.

“This will mean that providers will be more amenable to creating spaces for two year olds.”

The sessional rate paid to partner providers for two year old early learning and child care places is expected to be increased from £10.64 per session of 3 hours and 10 minutes to £17 per session.

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