Garmouth couple give thanks to Moray for Tanzania orphanage help

The Carney’s with staff and children at the children’s home.

A Garmouth couple are planning a public event to discuss their work with children in an East African community and to thank people in Moray for the help they have provided.

Former social workers John and Christine Carney plan to spend four months of each year undertaking voluntary work in Tanzania.

They have recently returned from a spell working with children in Busega at children’s home which provides shelter for 25 orphans and young people aged from five years old to 19.

Mr Carney worked as the head of families and criminal justice services at Moray Council, while Mrs Carney is now manager of a children’s centre in the village of Mayega.

She said: “In Scotland I worked as a service manager working with adults with learning difficulties, with most things in the UK funded by the local authority.

“Typical of almost all orphanages in Tanzania, before we arrived the children were begging for food. When we walked into the dormitory there was a very basic bunk bed and the children had no possessions.

“There is no running water, proper sanitation or electricity but a hen project is providing fresh eggs for the children.”

The couple say that they have received support for their work from people at home in Moray: “Moray people have given us a tremendous amount of support with individuals raising money and a golf tournament in September.

“With the money raised we managed to take a truckload of food to the home which will last four or five months.”

The Carney’s hope that in the future they can raise sufficient funding for the construction of a house for volunteers at the orphanage as it currently involves travelling 80 miles from the charity base at Mwanza.

They are hoping to arrange a meeting either later in August or in September to discuss their work in Busega and ask anyone who would like to attend to contact them on 07936 383800 or by email to

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