Gest of honour breezes in from Hollywood to Lossiemouth

Gest in Lossiemouth this weekend

A Hollywood producer, friend to the stars and former husband of Liza Minnelli breezed into Lossiemouth on Friday to promote his latest venture.

David Gest was in Moray to meet the cast of ‘One Fond Kiss’, a new musical venture he is promoting in conjunction with the Rock Academy Performing Arts.

Mr Gest revealed earlier this year how the stage musical project he created with the help of his late friend Michael Jackson was rejuvenated when the Rock Academy’s Tish Tindall and Diane Aspinall showed an interest in staging it.

The musical, based on the works of Robert Burns, was set for a glittering future in the United States with Gene Kelly appointed to direct and another Hollywood legend, Anthony Perkins, lined up as a co-producer.

However, the deaths of both Kelly and Perkins brought a halt to production and the musical was shelved.

[box] “I feel a real affinity with the people of Lossiemouth.” – David Gest [/box] Earlier this year Gest rescued the project after rediscovering recordings made at Jackson’s studio in California – and reacted immediately to a phone call from Ms Tindall and Ms Aspinall to ask if they might produce the show.

After being greeted in Lossiemouth by a large crowd of onlookers and performers taking time out from rehearsals for the show, which is to premier in Elgin early next year with Gest playing a leading role, he said: “I feel a real affinity with the people of Lossiemouth.

“People stopped me in the street to say hello and tell me their stories – it is always great for me to come to Scotland and I love the Scottish people.”

Gest will spend the weekend in Moray discussing the project – and will also take time out to open ‘Logan’s Fun Day’ in Lossiemouth on Sunday.

Ms Tindall said; “David has extended his stay to take part in Sunday’s festivities – and who better to raise the profile of this wonderful fund than an international name.”

Logan’s Fun Day is an annual commemoration of the life of Logan Main, who lost his fight against childhood cancer at the age of three. Logan’s parents are behind the ‘Logan’s Fund’, which over the years has raised thousands of pounds for cancer charities.

The Fun Day will kick off at noon on Sunday at the Lossiemouth Playing Fields with Mr Gest opening proceedings.

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