Praise for Elgin ‘Good Samaritan’ at A9 crash site

A mystery Good Samaritan from Elgin is being praised for coming to the aid of a 78-year-old motorists involved in a serious crash earlier this month.

Sheila Fraser was heading south for a holiday from her home in Marybank on August 3 when her Volvo was involved in a serious collision on the A9 near Aviemore.

Her car rolled over twice after hitting another vehicle, ending up on its side. Mrs Fraser ended up spending a week in Raigmore Hospital recovering from her ordeal – but now she is sending her gratitude for everyone who came to her assistance, in particular a mystery Elgin man.

She said: “I remember my hand was outside the driver’s door and it was pouring with blood. One of the motorists handed me a towel which soon turned completely red.

“I remember this very charming gentleman from Elgin who was lying on the road talking to me through the door and trying to keep me calm as the airbags were going off.

“He calmed me down because I thought the car was on fire but the smoke was actually from the airbags.”

The Good Samaritan was one of several motorists who stopped to help at the accident, with Mrs Fraser thanking them and the emergency services for their “wonderful” assistance.

She said; “They were all so considerate and it reassured my thoughts about human nature and shows that there really are some nice people out there.”

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