Second chance for councillors to reduce speed through Garmouth

Councillors will have a second chance to reduce the speed limit in a Moray village when the local authorities’ economic development and infrastructure committee meet today.

Attempts to introduce a 20mph speed limit on streets through the centre of Garmouth were rejected last years – but now planners say the time is right for restrictions to be introduced.

In a report to the committee traffic engineer Kevin Price says: “The proposals to introduce a 20mph speed limit within the centre of Garmouth had been formulated following discussions with Garmouth and Kingston Community Council representatives in 2012.

“Speed surveys indicated that the existing speeds within the centre of the village were around 20mph while those measured outside the proposed area were closer to 30mph, the current limit.”

Local councillor Sean Morton is hoping that this time around councillors will back the speed reduction plan, saying: “This is something that I am determined to see happen for Garmouth & Kingston residents.

“So many people contact me about it. They have been so passionate that they started campaigning for a 20mph limit online over a year ago – which I supported.

“In 2013 we were very close to achieving that goal but members of the ED&I committee decided not to support the plan, which surprised me.

“The people who have contacted me believe that twenty’s plenty in Garmouth. It is safer for everyone, and really does not cause drivers a massive hardship. I hope that the committee will do the right thing and put safety first.”

As well as seeking to reduce the speed limit in Garmouth the report will ask councillors to agree a 40mph limit on the B9015 Mosstodloch to Garmouth road at the southern boundary of Garmouth where a new residential development is being created.

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