Sunshine day sees over 3500 flock to banks of River Lossie

Steamboat crew won the day

Around 3500 packed the banks of the River Lossie on Sunday to enjoy spectacular sunshine and outlandish capers from the 15 crews in the annual Raft Race.

Organised by RAF Lossiemouth personnel as a thank you to the people of Moray for their continued support, the race had an added competitive edge as the RAF sought to retain the trophy they grasped from civilian hands last year.

However, it was the local Steamboat Inn team who edged out three RAF entrants to win the day – and return the famous ‘toilet seat’ trophy to the pub.

The real winners from the day were the 3500 who turned out in warm sunshine despite predications that rain could be expected.

Officer in charge of organising the event was Flight Lieutenant Dave Hapgood, who said: “The raft race was a great success again this year.

“I’m obviously disappointed that a RAF Lossiemouth team didn’t win but I think the Steamboat Inn enjoyed the close competition. It was great to see most of the rafts just make it to the finish this year, with only 1 competitor abandoning ship before the finishing line.

“I’d like to thank the local businesses and residents of Lossiemouth for their continued support, for their patience during the disruption of the day, and their generous donations that have enabled us yet again to raise so much money for charity and put on this community event with such success.

“The money raised today will be split equally between MFR Cash For Kids and the Make a Wish Foundation. These were chosen to ensure two local charities receive all the benefits from the generosity of local people.”

The Steamboat Inn crossed the line at the Seatown Bridge just ahead of the RAF Police Dog Section and two more rafts from the local base, the GEF Section and MT Section.

Forres firm Accunostics had two rafts entered – one finishing fifth and the other 12th – while a team of ‘Smurfs’ from the RAF Benevolent Fund came in sixth.

• 1st – The Steamboat Inn, Lossiemouth
• 2nd – RAF Lossiemouth Police Dog Section
• 3rd – RAF Lossiemouth GEF Section
• 4th – RAF Lossiemouth MT Section
• 5th – Accunostics (1)
• 6th – RAF Benevolent Fund
• 7th – ‘Wrecking ‘em Rocket’
• 8th – ‘Owl and the Pussycats’
• 9th – RAF Lossiemouth XV(R) Squadron
• 10th – The Wards Vetinary Centre
• 11th – RAF Lossiemouth Air Traffic Control
• 12th – Accunostics (2)
• 13th – Hairforce
• 14th – ‘Peruvia’ (failed to start)
• 15th – Scots Highlanders (failed to finish)

Fancy Dress Competition Winners: RAF Lossiemouth Dog Section

A gallery of images from the event is available on the insideMoray Facebook Page.

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