Carelessly discarded cigarettes could prove costly in Moray

Increased concerns expressed by community groups in Moray has led to a campaign to clamp down on smoking-related litter in the region.

Moray Council say that discarded cigarette packaging, spent matches and cigarette butts – in particular on streets outside licensed premises – will become a major focus of attention fo community wardens.

Anyone caught in the act of carelessly discarding cigarette ends could find themselves having to pay out an £80 littering fixed penalty.

“As a service, we have received many complaints from community councils and members of the public about the large number of discarded cigarette ends, particularly in town centres,” Andy Jamieson, the anti-social coordinator at Moray Council said.

He added: “This initiative has two elements, the first being education and the second enforcement.

“It is being supported by the Moray Licensed Trade Association whose members are happy to display publicity material within their premises.”

Around 122 tons of smoking related litter is reported as being dropped every day in the UK, according to Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Chair of the communities committee at Moray Council, Councillor Eric McGillivray, said: “Due to the number of complaints about cigarette ends the anti-social behaviour service has decided to try to educate offenders about the harm being caused to the environment.

“However, the community wardens will also be following this up by enforcement and issuing fixed penalties to offenders.”

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