Moray air base investment rises to £40m with new contract

A £23million contract has been awarded that will see new facilities created at RAF Lossiemouth to house the Typhoon force at the Moray base.

Two squadrons of the jets have already deployed to Moray from their former home at RAF Leuchars while a third squadron is expected next year.

There had been speculation that the planned investment on new facilities at the base was held back until the result of the Scottish Independence referendum was known.

However, with the future of the base now more certain the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that Turner Estates Solutions have been instructed to proceed with the building of secure undercover aircraft storage, along with the engineering management and control functions to support the aircraft.

The MoD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) announced that the contract had been awarded to the Rosyth-based firm.

DIO director of finance, Marcus Leek, said: “The priority is to enhance the service we provide and build a better estate – the right building in the right places.

“We are delighted to award this contract to Turner Estate Solutions and look forward to delivering the facilities required to enhance RAF Lossiemouth as a frontline operating base for the UK’s Typhoon force.”

The new contract is in addition to investment that has already been made at the Moray base and brings the total spend to £40million.

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