Moray joins major Scottish cities in independence vote protest

Independence march through Elgin (

Independence campaigners took to the streets of Elgin on Saturday protesting over what they claim was an ‘unfair ballot’ in the recent referendum.

Around 200 protestors gathered at the gates of Dr Gray’s Hospital and marched through the High Street led by a piper and under the watchful eyes of a police escort.

They then held a demonstration outside the council chambers.

The march had been organised by 43-year-old Fran Mitchell from Lossiemouth, who organised an online petition to rally support.

Similar marches were held over the weekend in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness as pro-independence campaigners voiced their complaints over alleged irregularities in the manner that votes were counted.

In Elgin Ms Mitchell said: “We believe there was corruption somewhere and that there was bias towards the No campaign – and this is where we stand up and fight for what we believe in.

“We are not going to see anything change if we just lay back and take this.”

However, the Chief counting officer who oversaw the referendum has insisted that she was satisfied all counts throughout Scotland were “properly conducted and supervised”.

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