Over-50’s encouraged to overcome technology fears through ‘Living it Up’

People in Moray who have a fear of technology are being helped by a new initiative that is being piloted in the region.

‘Living it Up’ has been providing ‘technology taster’ sessions using tablet computers which it is hoped will improve health and well-being by demonstrating to people how they can connect to friends and family members online.

The project has been experimenting with the use of ‘community champions’ who work alongside volunteers in teaching technophobes how they can conquer their misgivings about using online technology.

Social worker Frankie Barton, 58, is one of two health and social work care volunteers in Moray who tested the project on one of their own employees this week.

Mr Barton said: “The older you get, you get more fearful and people seem to get scared because technology changes so rapidly.

“Putting it in everyday language and making it approachable takes away the fear.”

One volunteer and Living it Up champion is 43-year-old Andrew Jamieson from Lossiemouth, who said: “For people in isolated situations being able to stay in touch through technology is everything.”

Further information on Living it Up in Moray can be found online at https://portal.livingitup.org.uk/location/moray

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