Warning against ‘electioneering stunts’ at referendum polling stations

Election officials in Moray are warning against ‘potential electioneering stunts’ during Thursday’s independence referendum.

The man responsible for ensuring that polling goes smoothly in the region on Thursday has said that steps will be taken to ensure voters can attend polling stations “without intimidation”.

Moray Council released a statement on Monday saying that referendum staff had been informed of potential electioneering stunts at some polling stations in the region – and that led to concern for the election process.

Mark Palmer, who is Moray’s returning officer, said that his responsibility included ensuring that voters could attend at polling stations without having to face intimidation of any kind.

In a statement issued through the local authority he reminded voters that photography was not allowed in polling stations. He said: “I understand that this is an historic occasion for many, and for an extraordinary number it is the first time they have voted.

“But interference with the peace of others whilst they exercise their democratic right will be referred to the police immediately.

“This includes any intrusive activity at polling stations, such as any activities that may intimidate voters, photography or leafleting.”

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