Appeal to parents to halt ‘egg and flour’ treatment over Halloween

Moray Council has warned children against using the American-style ‘trick or treat’ tactic of launching eggs and flour at homes this Halloween.

The local authority say that such practices can cause distress to householders – and are seeking the help of parents in ensuring that their children do not follow the practice.

Community Wardens will be contacting local shopkeepers throughout the region this week asking that they do not sell eggs and flour to anyone under the age of 16.

Through the Moray Community Safety Partnership the Council is also appealing to parents that they not allow their children to remove eggs or flour from their homes.

A spokesman said: “In keeping with tradition, trick-or-treaters sometimes throw a mixture of eggs and flour at the windows or doors of homes where residents do not answer.

“In the lead-up to Halloween youngsters have also been known to knock on doors and then run away before the occupant answers.

“Both practices can cause distress, fear and alarm, particularly to the elderly and vulnerable.”

Andy Jamieson, who is the anti-social behaviour coordinator at Moray Council, added: “Nobody wants to spoil the youngsters’ fun, but there are people – many of them elderly or living alone – who would rather not have to answer the door to strangers on a dark night.

“We want youngsters to go out and enjoy the season’s activities but to ensure that they do not cross the line and are mindful of the impact their activity may have on the elderly and more vulnerable people in the community.”

Any incidents of anti-social behaviour can be reported by calling 01343 563322 or by email to

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