Crunch talks begin with Scottish Water over flash flooding

Drainage issues blamed for Elgin floods (

As Moray residents clear up after another bout of flooding from torrential rain and high tides, Moray Council has opened talks with Scottish Water amid accusations that not enough is being done to protect  communities from drainage issues.

The poor condition of drains in parts of Elgin is being blamed for flash flooding in the town with claims that Scottish Water had been made aware of the situation for several years but had failed to take effective action.

In the aftermath of flooding this week that saw traffic brought to a halt on several roads while homes and businesses were once again under threat of flooding, Councillor Allan Wright, the leader of Moray Council, joined council officers at a meeting with Scottish Water’s chief executive Douglas Millican.

The meeting was arranged by Scottish Water’s regional community manager to discuss “a range of issues of mutual relevance, including flooding and damage”.

Councillor Wright said the meeting provided an opportunity to “share information and exchange views”, adding: “I believe it was an extremely useful and constructive meeting for both the council and Scottish Water.

“It has paved the way for more detailed discussions on various issues which it is anticipated will take place in the near future involving key members of staff from both sides.”

Mr Millican is already due to hold discussions on Friday with Richard Lochhead MSP to discuss a range of issues affecting the region – notably the recurring issues of flooding that is related to drainage issues.

The MSP said: “We have seen the various flood schemes in Moray performing well and protecting large numbers of residential and business properties in recent flood events – but equally we have seen other communities and properties that have experienced significant flood damage outwith the scope of those flood schemes and from surface water and coastal flooding.

“All of the different types of flooding requires different solutions, but for those affected it really doesn’t matter whether it is river, coastal or surface water flooding – water is water and the damage is just as bad wherever it comes from.

“Given the further flooding this week Friday’s meeting is well timed.

“A particular focus will be drainage issues such as have been seen quite significantly in New Elgin and Forres and in various other areas – but we will also cover a wider range of current issues and investments that Scottish Water are involved with.”

Water bubbles up as drain in Elgin fails to cope (

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