Fitness experts aim to sweat it out for Alzheimer Scotland

Lossiemouth’s Sports and Community Centre is to host an event that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle while raising funds for Alzheimer Scotland.

The charity that needs to raise around £10,000 each day to fund its work in providing help and support to dementia sufferers and their carers has been selected for the fundraising effort organised by Sandra Ream from Bellyfit Moray.

Visitors to the centre on Sunday, November 2 from 10am until 2pm can choose to participate in a one hour Yoga class designed for all levels.

They can also attend a one hour Bellyfit class – and if they are up to the task finish of their fundraising efforts with another hour long circuit training session.

Sandra said: “I have chosen to support this Alzheimer Scotland for a few reasons – I was brought up by my grandmother who started showing early signs of dementia when I was in my mid teens, which is enough of a confusing time on its own.

“Now working as a Holistic Therapist I see a lot of clients who are carers of loved ones suffering with dementia.

“Most of us know and the NHS recommends that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of Dementia and other serious Health Conditions, so the Fundraiser will take the form of a Wellness Day, with three different styles of fitness classes to take part.

“As well as this we will have taster massage sessions, a juice bar and Information from Alzheimer Scotland.”

Sandra added that as well as physical benefits achieved through regular activity and exercise to music and dance can bring there are other long-term health benefits.

She said: “Recent research has shown of further health benefits, such as stress reduction and increased serotonin level, with its sense of well-being. Exercise to music and dancing also makes you smarter and increases cognitive acuity at all ages.”

Those wishing to take part on the day are asked to contact Sandra on 07751 316663 for full details and sponsorship forms.

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