Moray to install underwater safety cameras at swimming pools

Swimming pools in Moray will become the first in Scotland to have underwater cameras installed as a safety measure.

Pools at Buckie, Keith and Forres pools will have the cameras in place to send high-resolution images to a bank of screens to be monitored by lifeguards.

The number of cameras used at each pool will be dictated by the pool size but all will enable monitoring underwater activity in all areas of the pools. The initiative, agreed at a recent meeting of the local authority’s sport and leisure committee, will assist lifeguards by enabling them to view any problems that might currently be impeded by glare or surface reflection from the water.

A council spokesman said: “The installation of underwater cameras emerged from the council’s ongoing review of sport, leisure and recreation provision and will greatly increase safety for pool users since the system will provide clear images from all underwater areas of the pools.”

It is expected the systems, which will cost Moray Council around £45,000 in total, will be installed by the end of the year. Once operational the council say they will see an annual saving of around £23,000.

Cameras will be fitted while the pools are still in use and will cause little or no disruption to swimming sessions.

A similar camera system in Wales was was credited in the rescue a young girl who found herself in trouble at the foot of a public swimming pool some years ago (see video report).

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