Thousands face £80 fine for failing to add details to electoral roll

Thousands of people in Moray could be facing an £80 fine for failing to register to vote under a new system brought into force by the government.

The UK-wide changes were brought into force earlier this year – but delayed in Scotland until after the independence referendum had taken place.

That vote led to thousands more Scots registering to vote than ever before – but now inaccuracies on the electoral roll could lead to around 12% of people in Moray receiving letters demanding further information.

Failing to provide that could lead to an £80 fine being levied.

Under the old system only one member of each household was required to complete electoral registration forms, however from June this year that was changed and each individual must complete their own form.

The vast majority of Moray residents will not be affected after records held by the Department of Works and Pensions allowed them to be “waved through” the new system.

However, around 12% of people in Moray will not have met the matching criteria and as a result will be issued reminder letter asking them to resubmit their details – if they fail to do so after two reminders and a home visit they could face the fine at the discretion of the electoral registration officer.

Slight variances in the existing electoral register will spark the reminder letters, such as changes of address or slight variances in names provided.

While there remains no legal requirement for people to register to vote in the UK, they are obliged to provide details if asked to by the electoral registration officer.

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