No real change at the top as Council leaders propose to swap jobs

Allan Wright – to retain top job as Convener of Moray Council

The Tory/Independent administration group at Moray Council has moved quickly to select a successor to Council Leader Allan Wright, who stepped down after the controversial Sustainable Education Review (SER) vote.

A special meeting of the full council has been called for November 18 at which the group will proposed current Convener, Councillor Stewart Cree, takes over from Councillor Wright.

If that is approved Councillor Wright is then expected to assume the position of Convener.

It is a move that will be seen by many as a clear signal that there is to be ‘no change’ in the direction being taken by the local authority and the ruling administration, which was stunned by a rebellion in its own ranks that led to a 16-8 defeat over the issue of school closures in the region.

The same special meeting will be used to formally ratify the administration decision to remove Tory Councillor Douglas Ross from their ranks, the Fochabers/Lhanbryde member having been a leader in joining opposition councillors in rejecting the SER.

Councillor Cree said of the move to pass the Convener role to Councillor Wright: “Although we respect his decision to resign on a matter of principle, we still wish him to take an active role.

“We all acknowledge the value of his contribution to the administration and the council, so the group intends to recommend he becomes convener.

“The group wish me to become leader and this will also be proposed to the special meeting of the full council on November 18.”

Councillor Wright indicated that he was happy with the proposals, which if approved will take effect on January 1.

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