RAF wife set to enter the fight in Elgin City North

Morvern Forrest – Green candidate

A third option has emerged for votes in the Elgin City North by-election on December 11 as Moray Greens revealed an RAF wife would be their representative.

A packed members meeting has unanimously backed local mum Morvern Forrest to contest the Moray Council ward vacated by former Labour councillor Barry Jarvis.

Morvern will join Labour candidate Craig Graham and Conservative hopeful Alex Griffiths in the contest.

The 25-year-old spent her early years in Moray before moving to rural Aberdeenshire. She went on to complete a law degree at Strathclyde University, before working as a manager in one of the country’s biggest hospitality groups.

Morvern returned to Elgin after her husband was posted to RAF Lossiemouth and they have since started a family – they continue to live in the Elgin North Ward.

“Like many people I have felt disenfranchised by our current political system,” Morvern said on announcing that she will contest the ward. She added: “But when my son was born here I felt gratitude for all the public services we have – and resolved to give back to the community that supported us.

“I realised, if I wanted my son to grow up in a fairer, greener society then it was my responsibility to deliver it. That is why I joined the Scottish Green Party earlier this year, and that is why I hope to become a councillor.”

“If elected I would endeavour to find real solutions to the problems the Council faces, not just mindlessly wield the hatchet and cut services or squander valuable resources on vanity projects without a thought for the future.

“Just one example would be to investigate the use of renewables for social housing, raising valuable income to the Council, and reducing tenants’ energy bills – a typically Green win-win situation.”

Moray Greens convener James MacKessack-Leitch insisted that Morvern was the ideal candidate to succeed in the by-election. He said: “With a business background and a young family she brings a great mix of enthusiasm and experience to the role of Councillor.

“In addition she has a vested interest in making sure that the Council delivers for the people of Elgin – especially when other Councillors are busy looking at where to cut, rather than where to invest.”

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