Ross declares his intention to wrestle Moray parliamentary seat from SNP

Douglas Ross – to contest Moray Parliamentary seat.

Two Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillors are now set to go head to head for the Moray seat in the UK General Election in May.

Scottish Labour councillor Sean Morton has already announced that he will contest the seat currently held by the SNP’s Westminster leader Angus Robertson.

Now the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party has confirmed that Douglas Ross has been chosen by members of their Moray association to stand.

Douglas Ross fought the seat in 2010 and produced one of the best results for the Tory’s in Scotland by reducing the overall majority enjoyed by Mr Robertson.

On confirming his selection Mr Ross said: “I’m absolutely delighted to have been selected and it’s a real honour to be chosen to fight my home constituency. I believe that I can win in Moray.

“In September Moray voted decisively to stay within the United Kingdom yet all the SNP want to do is rerun that contest.

“I believe that the people of Moray have no desire to repeat that divisive exercise and wish to move on. As the best-placed pro-Union candidate I believe that I can unite the majority of voters who wish to preserve the UK.”

Councillor Ross insisted that the SNP decision in the event of a hung parliament not to support the Conservatives is a “massive tactical error” in a traditionally Conservative areas such as Moray.

He added: “Moray has never in its history voted Labour but the SNP are saying that they wish to help give Ed Miliband the keys to Number 10.

“The SNP frequently complain that Scotland does not get the Government we want in Westminster. It would seem that, by voting SNP next year, you would be guaranteeing that we would not get the Government we want for Moray!”

Conservative Association Vice-Chairman Alex Griffiths added: “The entire Association is looking forward to getting behind Douglas.

“He has shown during his time on Moray Council to be someone who knows his own mind and is very capable of acting independently even if it goes against the policy of the administration.

“In fact he is very well-known for that as recent events on the council prove only too well.

“Can anyone remember Angus Robertson ever showing the slightest trait of independence from SNP policy in his 13 years as our MP? Moray needs more than a machine politician representing us in Westminster. Douglas would probably be a Whip’s nightmare but he will be an excellent MP for Moray.”

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