Appeal launched as brave toddler fights rare childhood cancer

A Forres two-year-old is being described as “an amazing little girl” after undergoing 40 doses of chemotherapy in just a few weeks – and keeps on smiling.

Eileidh Rose Paterson’s young life was changed in May when her parents noted that her tummy appeared bloated. The family GP prescribed mediation for trapped wind and was advised to return the following day.

However, Eileidh became “quiet and withdrawn” prompting the GP to arrange for her to be sent to the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital – where after many tests her parents were delivered the devastating news that a tumour had been found in Eileidh’s abdomen.

A subsequent MRI scan revealed that the toddler had Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma.

Parents Gail and Derek said: “Our amazing little girl is fighting this evil disease with everything she has.

“She has coped brilliantly with it so far, however, she still has many months of gruelling treatment ahead of her. Her energy and smile makes everyone treating Eileidh adore her.”

Like more than half of children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, the cancer had spread throughout Eileidh’s body by the time it was discovered. The primary tumour was attached to Eileidh’s adrenal gland and encased around the artery to her right kidney.

There were also secondary tumours in her bone marrow, pancreas, and lymph nodes in the left hand side of her bottom jaw.

High risk Neuroblastoma brings with it a constant threat of relapse. By supporting Eileidh and others like her you can help us ensure that every possible avenue for treatment is open.

Her parents added: “Our hearts broke the day we found out she had cancer.  Eileidh deserves the chance to live a full and happy life, which most of us take for granted – we need your help to piece them back together and make our family whole again.”

Eileidh is currently facing six months of immunotherapy, which means her going through a great deal of pain in the hope of reducing the 80% risk of the disease returning.

With no guarantee of success her family have launched an appeal in which they hope to raise the £350,000 they would require to take Eileidh to the United States for treatment.

Mother Gail said: “Hopefully it won’t come back and we won’t need it – but making sure she survives is the only thing that matters.”

An appeal has been launched on Eileidh behalf on the Justgiving site at

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