Name change is not so hot for Pipe Band Championship team

Organisers of the European Pipe Band Championships in Moray have been forced to change the brand name of the event.

For two highly successful years the championships have been billed as ‘Piping Hot Forres’ – however, organisers Forres Events Ltd were made aware of an objection to their attempt at registering that title as a trademark.

Because the words ‘piping’ and ‘hot’ were already in use by another trademark owner, organisers took the decision to voluntarily change their title to ‘Piping At Forres’ and so avoid expensive litigation.

The change has also meant a new website address for the championships, which will enjoy a third year in Forres on Saturday, June 27. Organisers have also expressed an interest in retaining the championships in Moray for a further three-year period.

In a statement issued on Tuesday the organisers said: “An objection had been raised by the owner of a trademark which includes the words ‘piping’ and ‘ hot’.

“Forres Events Limited, which runs the event together with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, is a not-for-profit enterprise and the Directors have decided to change the title to avoid potentially costly legal actions.”

The 2014 championships attracted 119 bands to Moray including 11 ‘grade 1’ and the current world champions. The event scored a 9.2 out of 10 satisfaction rating in a visitor survey.

The new website is address will be and will have the details of the 2015 championships including how to buy tickets, apply to be a Stallholder or become a Sponsor.

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