Fishing boat stranded at Burghead is offered free to a good home

Trawler has been landlocked at Burghead for 30 years

A trawler recovered after it had run aground in the 1980’s has for many years been something of a landmark at Burghead harbour.

Now, however, Moray Council has informed its Lossiemouth owner that it either must be removed – or broken up at his cost.

The Harvest Reaper was salvaged by a group that included David Meldrum, who subsequently assumed ownership of the boat with the intention of it being returned to the water one day as a “retirement project”.

However, 30 years later Mr Meldrum, now 67, is still to retire and the boat has remained where it was placed after being lifted out of the water – and Moray Council are about to begin a £250,000 development project and the Harvest Reaper is in the way, so must now be removed.

Mr Meldrum is now appealing for anyone who might take ownership of the boat to get in touch, saying that it is free to anyone who wants it. He told the P&J newspaper: “It’s a good hull and the inside is good – it would be a great project for anyone to take on.

“It is just a case of moving it with a crane or a lorry – but it has to be soon, or the only other option is to crush it. I’ve been paying dues one her all these years and that would be a real shame.”

Moray Council say that development works on units at the Harbour is due to begin this week and is expected to be completed by May.

Anyone who might be interested in taking on the boat is being asked to contact Mr Meldrum at 1 Paradise Row, Lossiemouth, IV31 6QU.

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