Floody disaster for Elgin City as experts baffled over soggy pitch

Graham Tatters – flood misery at Borough Briggs

Three different sets of consultants and laying of new drainage ditches at Elgin City Football Club’s ground has so far failed to solve a flooding mystery that is blighting the club.

The SPFL League 2 side have been unable to play a home match at their Borough Briggs ground since November – and currently there is no real indication on when they will be able to do so again.

City’s board took the unusual step this week of publishing a detailed account on the club official website of the woes they have faced.

It was first thought that severe flooding in front of one goalmouth had been caused by floodworks being undertaken close to the stadium – however, investigations proved that was not the cause of the problem.

Now the SPFL are considering taking the serious step of requiring Elgin to move their home fixtures to an alternative ground unless the issue is settled soon.

City chairman Graham Tatters said that it is a frustrating situation for the club, telling supporters: “There is an area five yards outside one of the penalty areas that has been waterlogged for six weeks.

“We assumed it was a consequence of the work associated with the local flood alleviation programme and we asked Moray Council to look into the problem. They carried out tests in our drains and concluded it was a drainage problem compounded by the unprecedented rainfall in recent weeks.”

Another consultant was brought in by the club and at their suggestion a new drainage system was put in place – but that failed to solve the issue.

Mr Tatters said: “We called in another two consultants and they added another two drains to cover a greater area where there is still standing water – but the water will still not drain away.”

Elgin are next scheduled to play at home on February 7 against Albion Rovers – by which time the chairman hopes they will have managed to get to the bottom of the issue.

He said: “It seems there is no magic wand except hoping for no further rain to allow the surface to dry out.

“I want to assure supporters we are desperately trying to solve this problem and it is not finances that is precluding a solution. Nobody can give us a definite answer so we just keep responding to the various experts and hope we eventually come to a solution.”

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