More joy for motorists as fuel prices home in on £1-a-litre

Fuel prices in Moray took another major step towards £1 a litre with leading Supermakets cutting pump prices for the second time in a week.

Asda sparked the latest move cutting another 2p of pump prices – saying that motorists around the country should not be paying more than 105.7p a litre at their petrol outlets. All the main supermarket’s quickly followed suit last night, with Tesco, Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s all matching the price cut.

Pump prices for Diesel users has also fallen to 112.7p a litre in what is the 14th consecutive fall in fuel prices since the end of September.

Trading director for Asda, Andy Peake, said: “As world fuel prices continue to drop Asda are once again leading the way with this 14th cut in fuel prices.”

Pump prices were only cut by 2p a litre on New Year’s Day – now the latest cut appears to back up predictions being made by the RAC that the magical £1 a litre price for unleaded fuel is “a very real prospect” sooner rather than later.

The falls are being sparked by world oil prices with experts now predicting the cost of a barrel of crude oil will fall to $35 – down from $105 in July 2014.

RAC Fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “What’s currently happening at the pumps with falling fuel prices is something many motorists will not remember seeing before.

“Talk of prices going up like a rocket and falling like a feather could not be further from the truth as retailers have been quick to pass on savings at the forecourt.

“The cost of going to visit family and friends will be the cheapest it’s been for nearly five years, but the prospect of petrol going below £1 a litre is incredible, particularly when prices at the beginning of 2014 seemed to be heading ever upwards.

“It is, however, important to realise that the oil and fuel market can always change due to a number factors, including the strength of the pound against the dollar and the global production of oil.

“If the current oversupply situation remains then it will clearly be good news for motorists and businesses that rely on the road network.

“With the United Arab Emirates energy minister saying OPEC will not cut production even if oil falls as low as $40 a barrel, we have every reason to think petrol at under £1 is a very real prospect.”

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