New chapter and final piece of the air plan for reborn Lossiemouth

Formal parade launched a new role for Moray-based Squadron (MoD)

A new chapter for Scotland’s only remaining RAF base was written hundreds of miles away from Moray on Friday when a ceremony was held to ‘stand up’ RAF Lossiemouth’s third Typhoon Squadron.

World events led to an early arrival for II(Army Co-operation) Squadron, which is the RAF’s fifth front-line Typhoon squadron. The squadron was officially given its new role at RAF Marham in Norfolk on Friday.

In the same ceremony another former Lossiemouth-based Squadron, 12(B) Squadron which was disbanded in March, returned to active service to take over the Tornado role vacated by II Squadron.

Four flights of personnel, including several from Moray, marched into the hangar to the sound of the Central Band of the Royal Air Force where they were greeted by families, friends and many ex-members of both II(AC) Squadron and 12(B) Squadron.

Reviewing Officer was Air Marshal Dick Garwood, who said “I am delighted to be here today to celebrate these two great Squadrons moving to a new chapter in their illustrious histories.

“I say thank you to the people on the Squadrons as it is them and the people who support them, both on Station and in the community, their families and friends that make the Squadrons a great success.”

Wing Commander Roger Elliott will take command of the newly formed Typhoon Squadron at Lossiemouth. He said: “I am immensely proud and happy to be taking command of II(AC) Squadron as it becomes a Typhoon Squadron.

“II(AC) Sqn has a long and distinguished history and it will be fantastic to take this Squadron back to Scotland for the first time in over 100 years.”

RAF Lossiemouth station commander, Group Captain Mark Chappell, added: “The re-role of II (Army Co-operation) Squadron at RAF Marham as a Typhoon squadron, and its subsequent relocation to RAF Lossiemouth as the third Typhoon squadron based here, marks the completion of very busy phase in the Station’s history.

“II(Army Co-operation) Squadron joins 1(Fighter) Squadron and 6 Squadron and XV(Reserve) Squadron in delivering RAF Lossiemouth’s multi-faceted mission.”

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