Renewed effort launched to tackle inflated delivery charges

Amazon – praised

Retailers who continue to apply inflated surcharges on Moray residents for delivery of goods ordered online should be challenged.

That is the message being promoted this week by local politicians who highlight an online survey being conducted by Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS).

While some companies have taken action over the surcharges they apply for deliveries in what they describe as ‘remote’ areas such as Moray, not nearly enough is being done to halt overcharging.

Now CAS is seeking to gather information on the situation as a follow-up to their previous efforts at mapping the scale of the issue.

Moray’s MSP, Richard Lochhead, insisted last night that the Scottish Government have been pushing retailers hard to make delivery charges fair for customers living in Moray. He said: “I am pleased that a decent number of retailers have responded positively. I have heard, for example, positive news from Amazon and Next customers amongst others.”

However, he highlighted issues reported by constituents where that was not the case: “There remain retailers who are being less than helpful on delivery costs.

“The Scottish Government is continuing to follow these issues and the work that Citizens Advice Scotland is doing is very valuable in providing evidence to push the retailers with.

“I would encourage people to take part in Citizens Advice Scotland’s ongoing survey on delivery charges and to continue challenging retailers whenever they feel charges are unreasonable.”

CAS launched a campaign against unfair delivery charges in 2012, saying that over 1million Scots were being “routinely ripped off” because of where they live.

Head of policy for the consumer organisation, Susan McPhee, said at that time: “The service is all about fighting unfairness, standing up for consumer rights and empowering people.

“This campaign does all of these things. Many Scots are being routinely ripped off by unfair and unjustifiable delivery charges just because of where they live. That is clearly and deeply unfair, and it cannot be allowed to continue un-challenged.”

The new survey from Citizens Advice Scotland can be found on their website.

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