Travel disruption warning as snow-covered weekend is predicted

(pic: Phillip Burgess)

Moray residents planning to travel over the next few days are being warned that they could experience severe problems as an Amber alert has been issued for much of Scotland.

Heavy snowfalls down the western side of the country is expected to cause problems for road and rail – while a lesser Yellow alert remains in place for snow in Moray and much of the Grampian region.

Gritters were out throughout Moray overnight as freezing temperatures were anticipated along with snow showers throughout today, although the region is expected to fare somewhat better than western and southern regions.

Met Office spokeswoman Nicola Maxie said: “Snow will continue into the rush-hour this morning and through the rest of Thursday but on Friday we are looking at cloudy but dry conditions.

“It looks like it will be better in the east than the west.”

However, forecasters have issued a further alert for a return of more snow over the weekend for the entire Grampian region.

A spokesman said: “Following a temporary less cold period on Friday and into Saturday morning a very cold air mass will spread southwards across Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday afternoon accompanied by strong winds.

“Frequent showers are likely to form in this air mass and with the cold air snow is likely to accumulate, even to low levels.

“Periods of enhanced snowfall are possible within this general flow but details of these are very uncertain at this time.

“There is the potential for disruption throughout this period due to the accumulating snow and ice but also with temporary blizzard conditions leading to very difficult driving conditions.”

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