Welcome for continuation of free travel for elderly and disabled

An announcement last week that the Scottish Government was set to invest £414million over the next two years to ensure the continuation of concessionary travel has been welcomed in Moray.

Figures published after the announcement show that the uptake of free bus travel in Moray saw 21,078 over-60’s apply for passes – while a further 1469 places were taken up by disabled passengers.

The Scottish Government investment will ensure there will be no change in the policy during the term of the current Holyrood administration.

Moray’s MSP, Richard Lochhead, welcomed what he called a “hugely significant” decision that will be welcomed by the thousands of concessionary pass holders in his constituency.

He said: “Concessionary bus travel gives people who might otherwise be restricted a greater sense of independence and helps them remain in contact with their friends and family.

“Funding for the scheme has increased every year since its introduction and with the scheme helping older people, disabled people – and now injured armed services veterans – to make almost 147 million journeys last year, it is vital the scheme continues.

“Being able to get around easily has significant health benefits as well as it contributes to keeping people active in their later years and for the disabled it is a lifeline service.

“The Scottish Government’s continued investment in this service is excellent news for everyone who benefits from it – and I am delighted that people across Moray will continue to do so.”

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