Major progress in the fight against crime in Moray

Chief Inspector Findlay

A fall in instances of housebreaking by almost a quarter is revealed in new statistics for Moray published by Police Scotland.

Common thefts have also fallen by a quarter while motor vehicle crimes dropped 47.3% when compared to the same period last year.

Covering the period from April to December 2014, the crime report added that crimes of dishonesty also fell by almost a quarter at 24.2%.

While vandalism remains high in the region progress was made with an 11% drop in recorded instances – however, instances of domestic abuse saw a 17.8% increase.

Moray division Chief Inspector Willie Findlay said: “The amount of thefts in Moray, particularly housebreakings, has continued to fall and the work of the police and the wider community safety partnership has similarly seen anti-social behaviour reduced.

“Sadly there have been two deaths on the roads in Moray and a number of casualties including five children.

“Our efforts through Operation Cedar to challenge bad driving, educate drivers and detect and report those who will not listen must continue.”

Highlands and Island MSP David Stewart welcome the drop in crime but added that he would seek more detailed figures: “I query just because I am determined to make sure that frontline police officers in Moray are fully supported in their work and their numbers are kept up to the required levels.”

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