New scam seeks to foist ‘health supplements’ on unwary consumers

Moray’s Trading Standards office has been fielding several reports this week about another telephone scam hitting homes in the region.

The latest tactic being used is to call on the pretence of checking health record details.

Scammers are calling Moray homes asking about their health care and medication, and advised that they should purchase specific health supplements such as pomegranate or rosehip products.

During the conversation the caller seeks to obtain bank details in order that the consumer is “registered” with the company.

Moray Trading Standards say that most of the complaints have arrived from people who had been sensible enough to refuse to give their personal banking details. The Moray Council department are now warning anyone who is contacted in this manner, or who might know someone who has, to report the matter to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service number of 0345 404 0506.

People can help to reduce the number of cold calls they receive by registering with the telephone preference service by calling 0845 070 0707 or online at

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